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“Susanne is an incredibly talented, kindhearted and accomplished hypnotherapist. Personally, I will forever be grateful to find Susanne at the exact moment I needed her the most. Trapped in one of the darkest moments of my life I contacted multiple therapist and felt instantly comforted by Susanne’s voice. After one session, I felt significantly better. It was truly incredible and I immediately began working with her once a week. I have now had the honor of healing, guided by the support of Susanne for over 8 months now.

Initially, the emotional pain was so raw and uncomfortable I figured any ounce of relief Susanne provided would have helped. However, shortly after I started working with Susanne I recommend a coworker and after her first session she promptly called to report she too felt significant better. We then both recommended another coworker who experienced the same amazing benefits. It was powerful to know it wasn’t just me being in a dark place but Susanne’s work truly heals, no matter the depth or type of issue.

Now, in the 8 months I’ve remained working with Susanne I can confidently say over two handfuls of coworkers, friends and clients have worked with Susanne and ALL have found successful results in whatever issues addressed. The ripple effect continues as others I’ve recommend Susanne too have recommended her to there family and friends who continue to report outstanding impacts on their lives. Susanne has made a significant impact on my life and is an extraordinary woman and healer. I’ll rate her 5 stars on Yelp but honestly she deserves all the stars in the sky.”
– Morgan M, San Francisco

“Susanne is amazing. I’ve never tried hypnotherapy, and honestly didn’t really believe that it worked. I’m not one of those people who believes in things that don’t have scientific evidence to back up. But after struggling for years with my eating disorder and body image issues I was willing to try anything just once. Susanne was offering a discounted session on one of those deal sites and after checking out her website I thought I’d give it a shot. Best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. After a few sessions with Susanne I’d made more progress than 6 months of seeing my psychiatrist! I left every session feeling amazing, empowered, and hopeful. 

My sessions involved a combination of tapping and hypnotherapy. The tapping is great because its a tool that I can use whenever I get anxious or have eating issues. The hypnosis really changed my life perspective and gave me the power to recover. The voice in my head that used to push me into disorder eating is now quiet. I’m happier, healthier and have an entire new outlook on life. Honestly, she may have saved my lifeWho knows how bad my eating disorder could of become if I hadn’t walked into Susan’s office. I can’t thank her enough nor give her a strong enough recommendation.”
– Sara A, San Francisco

“I am a down to earth person and too get a little too freaked out if someone is too airy fairy. I have been to a therapist before and always found it so lacking in action. I get tired of just rehashing the past with no future plan. That is what I love about Susanne Runion. She helps you shed the problems from the past but she also gives you action steps when you leave. If you have not tried hypnotherapy, it is really effective. It is not what you see on tv. Susanne tailors her treatment to each person. She listens and remembers things better than other therapists I have been to, but the best part is I leave fired up ready to tackle the challenges in your life. She can really help if you are feeling stuck or cant get over negative habits.”
-Shilo S, San Francisco

“Working with Susanne the last couple months has created profound results for me, life changing! Recently she has helped me discover and release limiting beliefs I had about love and relationshipsWithin one week of that session, literally, I fell head over heels in love! I could not be happier! I feel incredibly blessed to know and work with Susanne. She is a powerful woman, who leads with her huge heart. Thank you Susanne!
– Melissa Echeverri, San Francisco

“I’ve had many treatments from Susanne Runion and have had some amazing experiences and transformation. After having surgery for appendicitis I was in pain in my abdomen. After doing hypnotherapy and EFT not only did the pain go away but my fear around the pain and surgery went away. This was a major turning point in my healing when the fear was released. Also, the pain was virtually gone from then on.

I also recently had vertigo and was experiencing extreme dizziness. After one treatment with Hypnosis and Reiki, I felt a shift in the energy flow in my head. During the treatment, Susanne took me to a place where I could see how I needed to be energetically to stop the vertigo. To my complete surprise the vertigo went away and never came back. In the past it had taken months for it to go away (even while getting various energy treatments and using homeopathic remedies). This felt so empowering to know that if it ever happens in the future I can get rid of it.”
– David Gibson, San Francisco, CA, http://www.soundhealingcenter.com

“Thanks to you, I not only quit smoking but also started painting. Who knew?” – Michelle B., San Francisco

“I’m grateful for Susanne Runion’s abilities to help me transform my life. Thanks to Susanne, I lost 20 pounds in 3 months and looked incredible on my cruise!” 
– Pat M, Walnut Creek

“After smoking marijuana for twenty years, as often as fifteen times a day, I definitely felt that my habit was controlling me.  I found that I was unable to eat or sleep without smoking.  I had been able to cut back on my own, but could never go a full day without smoking.  After three sessions with Susanne Runion I succeeded in cutting it way down and in short order my appetite returned and my sleep patterns became more normal.  The worries I had about controlling my emotions without pot also proved to be unfounded.  I think I have been more  in control without it.  I was pretty skeptical about the whole process, but not only did it work, I got results more easily and faster than I could have hoped and I’m saving a lot of money.  I know I could not have done it without her. ”
– Mike J, San Francisco

I went to Susanne Runion recently for help quitting smoking.  I had done acupuncture (helped a little), I had quit for long periods of time before cold turkey, I had tried Zyban too years ago.  This time in my life I was just feeling more mentally lazy than before. . . like “Smoking is all I have!”

“Anyway, I finished the 4 or 5 cigarettes after her one session and then I haven’t bought a pack since.  Normally I panic when I run out, but something just seemed different now.  I not only am able to fight the urge to buy smokes, but I feel like some of my anxious feelings are gone, or at least much softer now.  When I have a little spending money I plan to go back to Susanne, I felt so much better after going once that I want to go a few more times. ( I hate to say that 6 months of psychotherapy hasn’t helped my anxiety but one time at a hypnotherapy session with Susanne has made an impact on my mood and anxiety.) Also, Susan is very sweet and down to earth.” – Muriel D, San Francisco

“I had a huge fear of flying, I was barely able to get on a plane. After working with Susanne, I was able to fly! Not only was I able to fly, but I was able to survive one of the most turbulent flights I had ever experienced. When before I would have been panicking and getting sick, I was able to remain calm unlike the other people in the plane. It was amazing! Also, I have been able to use all of the tools she taught me to improve many other areas of my life. Thank you!”
– Marianne E. San Francisco

“Just wanted to let you know that I made it across the Golden Gate Bridge the other week without any discomfort! I did just fine there and back. Thank you for all your help, understanding and warm support. It was great working with you.”
– Nancy Z, San Francisco.

“I have been working with Susanne Runion for almost a year for a variety of issues.  She has always been extremely professional and caring, and always invites me to take part in my own healing process.  She has helped me learn how to deal with my issues surrounding death, and now my panic attacks have all but vanished.  She has used a variety of techniques, all of which she has taught me so I can use them at home or when I’m out.  But, never the less, I find working with Susanne directly to be the most beneficial.  I will continue going to Susanne for weight loss.  I can say that Susanne is extremely knowledgable, and with her healing presence, can do wonders!! She’s the best!! ” – Lolo M, San Francisco

“I was a little skeptical when I first went to visit Susanne Runion and admittedly wasn’t sure when I walked out of the hypnotherapy session if I had actually been affected.  However, just later that day I could feel the difference in my mindset and attitude and I knew that it was because of the hypnotherapy.  She has greatly helped me relieve anxiety through visualization techniques, and the anchor that she gave me has really helped me to relax since the session.  The hypnotherapy helped me to identify the reasons for my unhealthy behavior and I have been far more conscious about it since then and able to change the way I act in response.  I am looking forward to returning to visit her again.” -Elise, San Francisco

“Susanne is extremely gifted in her professional therapeutic hypnotherapy sessions. She made me feel at ease right away. I was not sure hypnotherapy or EFT would work for me but after the first session I had a positive experience. After several sessions, I felt Susanne really understood my issues and listened. Her office is beautifully decorated and has a very calming atmosphere.” – Barbara K, San Francisco

I saw Susanne to get help with dealing with a very difficult teacher and to handle concentration issues . In the past I was filled with anxiety and dread everytime I had to walk into the room and as a result my grades were not very good in that class. After one session with Susanne everything changed.

My first day was awesome! I saw him and I was filled with positive feelings! I couldn’t believe it. Much to my surprise, I raised my hand and made comments – and asked questions, and he was quite surprised too. It is so weird, he was very, very nice to me and he felt a little more comfortable with me. I have never seen that side of him before, actually none of us, but it was as if his spirit was a lot softer, calmer, it was weird Susanne! 

Throughout the class I had to touch my left wrist and the words from the anchor you set “awesome and fun” were like so loud in mind and I was excited, energized if you will and my anxiety was gone. So your techniques really, really work!!! Thank you so much!!”
– Regina S, San Francisco

“The class was very helpful and informative. I was surprised at how simple yet impactful EFT can be, in just one session. Susanne Runion is a great teacher. Thanks again.”
– Valedonia F, San Francisco

This group is a wonderful, comforting, supportive group and I wish I could make the EFT Weight Loss class but I have conflicting plans that night. I will definitely make the next one!”
– Mara S., San Francisco

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