Hypnosis for Relationship Issues

Hypnosis for Relationship Issues

Hypnosis for Relationship Issues
Hypnosis for Relationship Issues

Hypnosis for relationship issues is very effective for helping people release blocks around relationships and self-worth, healing repetitive patterns caused by childhood traumas and early programming, increasing self-confidence, improving communication skills, developing patience, and releasing abandonment issues.

Hypnosis for Relationship Issues – Read What People are Saying:

“Working with Susanne the last couple months has created profound results for me, life changing! Recently she has helped me discover and release limiting beliefs I had about love and relationshipsWithin one week of that session, literally, I fell head over heels in love! I could not be happier! I feel incredibly blessed to know and work with Susanne. She is a powerful woman, who leads with her huge heart. Thank you Susanne!
– Melissa Echeverri, San Francisco, Hypnosis for relationship issues

“I was a little skeptical when I first went to visit Susanne and admittedly wasn’t sure when I walked out of the hypnotherapy session if I had actually been affected.  However, just later that day I could feel the difference in my mindset and attitude and I knew that it was because of the hypnotherapy.  She has greatly helped me relieve anxiety through visualization techniques, and the anchor that she gave me has really helped me to relax since the session.  The hypnotherapy helped me to identify the reasons for my unhealthy behavior and I have been far more conscious about it since then and able to change the way I act in response.  I am looking forward to returning to visit her again.” 
-Elise, San Francisco, Hypnosis for relationship issues

I saw Susanne to get help with dealing with a very difficult teacher and to handle concentration issues . In the past I was filled with anxiety and dread everytime I had to walk into the room and as a result my grades were not very good in that class. After one session with Susanne everything changed.

My first day was awesome! I saw him and I was filled with positive feelings! I couldn’t believe it. Much to my surprise, I raised my hand and made comments – and asked questions, and he was quite surprised too. It is so weird, he was very, very nice to me and he felt a little more comfortable with me. I have never seen that side of him before, actually none of us, but it was as if his spirit was a lot softer, calmer, it was weird Susanne! 

Throughout the class I had to touch my left wrist and the words from the anchor you set “awesome and fun” were like so loud in mind and I was excited, energized if you will and my anxiety was gone. So your techniques really, really work!!! Thank you so much!!” 
– Regina S, San Francisco, Hypnosis for relationship issues

Call me for help with hypnosis for relationship issues at my San Francisco Hypnosis office at (415) 336-6128. Sessions can also be done on the phone if you do not live in the area.

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