Breakups and Divorce

Breakups and Divorce

Does this sound like you? You put everything you had into your relationship and now it is suddenly over. The pain is unbearable. You feel destroyed. You feel shattered. Your heart is broken. You have no idea how you will ever recover. You feel empty and alone. You have no idea how you are going to go on. Maybe you can’t stop obsessing over your ex. You overthink about all the things you could have done differently. The same repetitive thoughts loop through your mind over and over. You may have reached a point where your family and friends are tired of hearing about it. You may have reached a point where even you are tired of listening to the repetitive thoughts in your head. Maybe the other person cheated on you and you feel betrayed. You can’t even imagine how you will ever trust anyone again. Even if you are the one who ended it, it is still hard. Or maybe you are the one who cheated and hurt the other person, and you feel guilty.

You know you have to do something, but have no idea what. Hypnosis is really effective for this, and it is one of the things I specialize in.

Hypnosis can help you to:

  • Move through the grief process much more quickly
  • Rebuild your life after this heartache
  • Channel your grief into creating a better version of yourself
  • Heal
  • Gain inner strength
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Take your power back
  • Let go of all the anger
  • Let go of the obsession
  • Let go of the pain
  • Let go of repetitive patterns
  • Forgive yourself and the other person
  • Be thankful for all the good things you experienced in this relationship and the lessons you learned
  • Remind you that you’ve gotten through difficult times in the past and that you will get through this too
  • Gain trust that when the time is right, you will have love again.
  • Help prepare you for the next relationship when the time is right
  • Move forward with your life.

Read what people are saying:

“Susanne is an incredibly talented, kindhearted and accomplished hypnotherapist. Personally, I will forever be grateful to find Susanne at the exact moment I needed her the most. Trapped in one of the darkest moments of my life I contacted multiple therapists and felt instantly comforted by Susanne’s voice. After one session, I felt significantly better. It was truly incredible and I immediately began working with her once a week. I have now had the honor of healing, guided by the support of Susanne for over 8 months now.

Initially, the emotional pain was so raw and uncomfortable I figured any ounce of relief Susanne provided would have helped. However, shortly after I started working with Susanne I recommend a coworker and after her first session she promptly called to report she too felt significant better. We then both recommended another coworker who experienced the same amazing benefits. It was powerful to know it wasn’t just me being in a dark place but Susanne’s work truly heals, no matter the depth or type of issue.

Now, in the 8 months I’ve remained working with Susanne I can confidently say over two handfuls of coworkers, friends and clients have worked with Susanne and ALL have found successful results in whatever issues addressed. The ripple effect continues as others I’ve recommend Susanne too have recommended her to there family and friends who continue to report outstanding impacts on their lives. Susanne has made a significant impact on my life and is an extraordinary woman and healer. I’ll rate her 5 stars on Yelp but honestly she deserves all the stars in the sky.”
– Morgan M, San Francisco

“Working with Susanne the last couple months has created profound results for me, life changing! Recently she has helped me discover and release limiting beliefs I had about love and relationships. Within one week of that session, literally, I fell head over heels in love! I could not be happier! I feel incredibly blessed to know and work with Susanne. She is a powerful woman, who leads with her huge heart. Thank you Susanne!
– Melissa Echeverri, San Francisco

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