About Susanne Runion

About Susanne Runion

Background – Susanne Runion

I received my certification in Hypnotherapy from the HCH Institute of Psycho-Spiritual Training in Lafayette, CA and have advanced training in EFT. I was trained in transpersonal hypnotherapy which is a very holistic form of hypnotherapy. For five years I also ran the largest Law of Attraction meetup group in Northern California and was a member of the intensive Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Master’s Program requiring over 15 hours of study a month.

I have been involved with hypnosis for over 20 years. While wandering through a new-age bookstore after going through a devastating breakup, a book about self-hypnosis literally fell off the shelf right in front of me. I took this as a sign, bought the book and used the techniques to heal myself. This started a 20 year long fascination with hypnosis and how the subconscious mind works. I received my first certification in Hypnosis in 1992.

After having a stressful career in the high tech industry for 10 years, I left to pursue my passion of the healing arts. I practiced massage therapy and Reiki for 10 years, but my fascination with hypnosis and the power of the subconscious continued to grow stronger, so I decided to get re-certified in Hypnotherapy and practice professionally.

Related Skills – Susanne Runion

I first became involved with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also called tapping, shortly before the banking crisis. The crash affected my business horribly and I was very worried I would not be able to stay in business. After searching through the self-help podcasts on iTunes, looking for some kind of answer, I came across one about EFT. I started to listed to it and my life started to get better.

One Saturday, I decided to simply use EFT to and clear out my fears about the economy. All I did was tap for about a half hour or so on my fears, and I did not do any advertising or marketing. The next week I was suddenly very busy. I was sure it was just a coincidence. The next Saturday, I did the same thing and was very busy the following week. Then I started tapping everyday and things continued to get better and better. I became sold on EFT and started using it with clients, and have had amazing results combining it with hypnosis.

I have also studied astrology for 20 years and when necessary, for people who are open to it and are very stuck and having a hard time, I will look at what planetary transits are influencing your life, when they will end, and help you to create strategies using Hypnotherapy and EFT to get through it and thrive.

Personal Interests – Susanne Runion

I love spending time in nature, watching the Giants, playing Scrabble, studying alternative health, higher consciousness, and how the mind works. I have also had a regular meditation practice for many years. When I am not working, I can be found hiking, lifting weights, playing with cats, listening to audio books, or at the beach.

Cancellation Policy

San Francisco and Flagstaff Hypnosis Clinic, (415) 336-6128