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Susanne Runion

Susanne RunionSusanne Runion is a profesional Hypnotherapist in San Francisco and has created a unique approach to healing using Hypnotherapy, the Law of Attraction and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This combination of techniques eliminates limiting beliefs, rapidly reprograms the subconscious mind, and creates a powerful vision of how you want your life to be.   Susanne studied and became certified in Hypnotherapy at the HCH Institute of Psycho-Spiritual Training in Lafayette, CA and has advanced training in EFT.   For five years Susanne also ran  the largest Law of Attraction meetup group in Northern California and was a member of the intensive Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Master's Program requiring over 15 hours of study a month.

Susanne Runion has been involved with hypnosis since 1991. While wandering wandering through a new-age bookstore after going through a devastating breakup, she came across a self-hypnosis book and used the techniques to heal herself. This started a 20 year long fascination with hypnosis and how the subconscious mind works. She received her first certification in Hypnosis in 1992.

After having a stressful career in the high tech industry for 10 years, Susanne left to pursue her passion of the healing arts.

Susanne Runion practiced Reiki and massage therapy for 15 years, but her fascination with hypnosis and the power of the subconscious continued to grow stronger, so she decided to get re-certificated in Hypnotherapy and practice professionally.

Susanne incorporates other methods of healing in her work such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Law of Attraction, Bilateral Stimulation (similar to EMDR), Reiki, NLP and Astrology. The Law of Attraction is based on the premise that our thoughts create our reality. While hypnotherapy is great for getting rid of things we don’t want such as unwanted habits and traumas, Susanne believes that it is so much more than that, that hypnosis should also be used to create the life we want, tap into our unlimited potential and manifest our highest dreams.

Susanne Runion was trained in transpersonal hypnotherapy which is a very holistic form of hypnotherapy. She is also an instructor at The Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, which is an accredited college and teaches Guided Imagery and Marketing.

Because Susanne follows a holistic approach, she helps people find the root cause of their problem and helps them find what the underlying emotions are. Then she works with the person to heal the root cause and the underlying emotions. People usually do not overeat, smoke or drink because they want to addictive substance, or procrastinate, sabotage themselves, or do other negative behaviors because they like doing those things, it is always about the emotions.

After that, Susanne works to reprogram the subconscious mind with positive suggestions and desired behaviors. She also teaches people a lot tools that they can use to deal with and control their emotions going forward. Every client is assigned short homework to do in between sessions to reinforce what they did in the session.

Susanne Runion teaches people how to change negative thoughts to positive and programs this into their subconscious at a deep level so it becomes more automatic. She also works with people to create a powerful vision of how they want their life to be and programs this into their subconscious so that they can more rapidly attract this into their life.

Susanne has also studied astrology for 20 years and if you are very stuck, she can look at what planetary transits are influencing your life, when they will end and what you can do to get through it.

By getting to the root of your problem, resolving it, teaching you tools to control your emotions and thoughts, reprogramming your subconscious to automatically change these negative thoughts to positive, and creating a powerful vision so you can attract what you want, Susanne is able to help you get powerful and lasting results.


Call me today to make an appointment at my San Francisco Hypnosis office at
415-336-6128. Sessions can also be done on the phone or on Skype if you do not live in the area.

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