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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a healing modality where you are guided into a deep state of relaxation, similar to the way you feel in deep meditation. While in this deeply relaxed state your mind is very open to positive suggestions and imagery which take root at a deep level to allow you to more easily make substantial changes in your life.

The subconscious mind is very powerful and it drives 90% of our behavior. Willpower usually doesn’t work to stop bad habits or get rid of negative patterns because it is part of the conscious mind which has little influence over behavior. Negative experiences that occurred early in life can get lodged into our subconscious mind and drive our behavior without us even realizing it. Past traumas often hold a powerful influence over our present day actions. Hypnotherapy helps to clear all of this out.

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

EFT is an acupressure technique based on Chinese Medicine and it acts on the Meridian System of the body. It utilizes a sequence of acupressure points on the body while repeating certain phrases to provide rapid relief from negative emotions, traumas and addictions. In Chinese Medicine the meridians are energy pathways in the body. According to Quantum Physics, everything in the Universe is made up of energy. It is very similar to acupuncture except that it doesn’t use needles and it acts on the emotions, so it really is an emotional version of acupuncture. EFT was used with 911 survivors and Vietnam Vets and it was one of the few therapies that worked to relieve their traumas. It was invented by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer, who had a strong interest in Personal Development.

When a traumatic event occurs which causes a negative emotion, these energy pathways become disrupted. The tapping sequence used in EFT sends pulses through these pathways which heals this disruption and removes the intensity. The person focuses on the negative emotion, saying it out loud, while tapping on the points in the sequence and the negative emotion is released. The motion and speed of tapping also entrains the brain into a light hypnotic trance, where it is more receptive to the suggestions. For more information about EFT, click here.

How is your work different?

I was trained in transpersonal hypnotherapy which is a very holistic form of hypnotherapy. I also have extensive training in the Emotional Freedom Technique which is excellent for removing limiting beliefs and in the Law of Attraction which is used to create a powerful vision of how you want your life to be.

I combine Hypnotherapy with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also called tapping. This combination of techniques eliminates limiting beliefs, rapidly reprograms the subconscious mind, and creates a powerful vision of how you want your life to be.

EFT an energy psychology technique that is a very fast way of releasing negative emotions, blocks, and traumas. Once we have cleared what is blocking you using EFT, we use hypnotherapy to create a vision of how you want your life to be, which includes desired behaviors, increased motivation and positive new habits. This is very much like planting a garden. Imagine for a moment, that you move into a new house, and that you go out into the backyard, and it is filled with weeds and large rocks. If you were to immediately plant a garden without removing these weeds and rocks, it wouldn't thrive. EFT removes the weeds and rocks (blocks and negative emotions) so that the garden (positive vision, behaviors, and motivation put place in with hypnotherapy) can thrive.

Because I follow a holistic approach, I deal with getting to the root cause of your problem and finding what the underlying emotions are. Then I work with you to heal the root cause and your underlying emotions. People usually do not overeat, smoke or drink because they want to addictive substance, or procrastinate, sabotage themselves, or do other negative behaviors because they like doing those things, it is always about the emotions. Some styles of hypnotherapy only work with reprogramming the subconscious mind. This approach does not get to the root of the problem and usually does not have lasting results as it does not address the negative emotions that are driving the problem. Often the original problem will morph into something else because the underlying emotions were not addressed.

I also teach you a lot tools that you can use to deal with and control your emotions going forward. I like for people to feel empowered and have tools to handle problems on their own going forward.

I have also studied astrology for 20 years and if you are very stuck, I can look at what planetary transits are influencing your life, when they will end and you can do to get through it.

What is a typical San Francisco hypnotherapy session like?

When you arrive at my San Francisco hypnotherapy office you will sit in a comfortable chair and be asked to fill out a short intake form and then I will ask you some questions about your problem. After that, we will use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also called tapping, which you can read about above, to remove what has been blocking you. Next, you will be guided into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state where we will create a positive vision of what you are wanting in your life which will include desired behaviors, increased motivation and positive new habits. As I stated above, this is very much like planting a garden. Imagine for a moment, that you move into a new house, and that you go out into the backyard, and it is filled with weeds and large rocks. If you were to immediately plant a garden without removing these weeds and rocks, it wouldn't thrive. EFT removes the weeds and rocks (blocks and negative emotions) so that the garden (positive vision, behaviors, and motivation put place in with hypnotherapy) can thrive.

You will feel deeply relaxed, be aware of what is going on, be in control and will remember everything that happens. You will be given a short homework assignment at the end of each session, plus you will get a recording of the session emailed to you which will have the EFT (clearing) and the Hypnosis (positive vision) to listen to at home in between sessions.

Below is a testimonial from a client describing what a typical San Francisco Hypnotherapy session is like:

"I am a down to earth person and too get a little too freaked out if someone is too airy fairy. I have been to a therapist before and always found it so lacking in action. I get tired of just rehashing the past with no future plan. That is what I love about Susanne. She helps you shed the problems from the past but she also gives you action steps when you leave . If you have not tried hypnotherapy, it is really effective. It is not what you see on TV. Susanne tailors her treatment to each person. She listens and remembers things better than other therapists I have been to, but the best part is I leave fired up ready to tackle the challenges in your life. She can really help if you are feeling stuck or cant get over negative habits."
-Shilo S, San Francisco

How can I get the best result?

The people who get the best results are people who are really motivated to improve their lives, really want to change, are open-minded and are willing to do short homework assignments between sessions and listen to the recordings. Hypnotherapy is something that in many ways is not rational or logical and really does require an open mind. Also, people who don’t really want to change have a harder time getting results (i.e. A wife books an appointment for her husband to quit smoking but he really doesn’t really want to quit, or a parent books an appointment to get their child to want to start eating vegetables but the child has no interest in eating vegetables).

How many sessions does it take?

It really varies. Hypnotherapy typically is much faster than traditional forms of talk therapies because hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious mind. A simple problem could take 4-6 sessions and something more complicated could take a couple of months. Often people with multiple issues will choose to work with me for longer periods of time. Packages are available to reduce the cost.

Does insurance cover hypnotherapy?

You have to check with your individual policy but usually it does not. However, many Flexible Healthcare Spending Accounts reimburse for Hypnotherapy. Packages are also available to reduce the cost.

What conditions is Hypnotherapy effective for?

I specialize in:

  • Food Issues (Weight Loss, Food Addiction and Eating Disorders)
  • Anxiety and Stress Management (General Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Test Anxiety, Dental Fears, etc.
  • Self-Confidence
  • Releasing Traumas and Healing Bad Memories
  • Small Business Issues and Blocks (Money, Indecision, Motivation, etc)
  • Breakups/Divorce

Hypnotherapy is also effective for:

Releasing Addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, Marijuana, Overspending, Love, etc.)
Releasing Fears and Phobias (Public Speaking, Flying, Driving, Sex, the Future, etc.)

Changing Patterns of Negative Thinking to Positive
Insomnia Increasing Sports Performance Managing Chronic Pain
Resolving Relationship Issues Getting Over Sexual Problems Achieving Goals and Releasing Blocks to Manifestation
Releasing Anger Issues Finding Your Life Purpose Getting Over Procrastination
Inner Child Healing Getting Over Grief and Loss Relieving Stress Based Illnesses
Removing Writer's and Creative Blocks Surgery (Preparing and Recovery) Understanding Recurring Dreams
Past Life Regression Connecting with Spirit Guides  


Can anyone go into a hypnotic state?

The majority of people can go into hypnosis. There are a few exceptions. Some people with very low IQs, mental disabilities and some forms of serious mental illness cannot easily go into hypnosis, if at all. People who have a much harder time are people who are very closed minded, people who don't really want to change, people who are extremely logical, and people who are very uptight and have a lot of trouble relaxing.

However, most of us go into hypnosis all of the time. Anytime you planned on stopping at the store on your way home from work, but kept on driving, you were in a trance. Anytime you intended on watching TV for a half an hour but 3 hours passed, you were in a trance. Any time you intended on just eating a couple of potato chips but before you knew it the whole bag was gone, you were in a trance.

Hypnotherapy is simply being in a deep state of relaxation, similar to meditation, and following instructions. If you can close your eyes, relax and follow instructions, you can be hypnotized. Some people are not able to go as deep as others but as long as you feel relaxed you will get the benefits.

Stage hypnosis shows however, are a different story. Often when a person tells me that they don't think they can be hypnotized, they are referring to stage hypnosis which is totally different and has absolutely nothing to do with hypnotherapy. In these shows, which many people have seen, people are often made to do strange things like bark like a dog or quack like a duck and then remember nothing or claim to remember nothing afterwards. This only works on a very, very small percentage of people. This small percentage of people are very suggestible and will do whatever they are told even if they are not in a trance. Stage hypnotists are very skilled at reading body language and carefully selecting these people. It is not always real though as the person on stage is under a lot of pressure to put on a good show and often just plays along. These shows create a lot of misconceptions and confusion about what hypnotherapy really is.

What about people who are very uptight and can’t relax, can these people be hypnotized?

If a person is very uptight and has difficulty relaxing, hypnotherapy is exactly what they need, as it is an incredible tool for stress management. These people can go into a hypnotic trance, it just takes a little longer, and it does get easier with practice. If these people practice self-hypnosis or meditation in between sessions, they will have an easier time relaxing and going into a trance.

How do I know if I have really been hypnotized?

Hypnotherapy is simply a state of deep relaxation used to solve problems. If you feel deeply relaxed during the session, you are in a state of hypnosis, and will get the benefits. There are many misconceptions that you will be put to sleep, wake up with a new life, and not remember anything when you wake up, but none of this is true. Everything that you have seen happen in old movies and Hypnosis stage shows are not what happens in therapeutic hypnotherapy. Therapeutic hypnotherapy is simply a deep state of relaxation where your subconscious mind is directed to let go of a problem and is re-programmed with healthier behaviors and habits.

Does hypnotherapy work if someone is not a visual person?

Hypnotherapy definitely works even if you are not a visual person. People are primarily visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. A good hypnotherapist will capture all five senses in a hypnosis session. Visual people see pictures very clearly with their eyes closed, auditory people hear things, and kinesthetic people feel things. There are some rare people who have access to all of them, and a small number of people who have difficulty accessing any of them; however, everyone has the ability to use their imagination.

Hypnotherapy is really all about using our imagination. If you do not see the picture, you simply imagine that you do, if you do not hear the sound, you simply imagine that you do, if you do not feel the feeling, you simply imagine that you do, if you do not smell the aroma, you simply imagine that you do; it is just as effective.

Will hypnotherapy work for people who don’t have good imaginations?

Worries and anxieties are generated by the imagination as well as daydreams. If you worry and daydream, you have a good imagination and can therefore have excellent results in hypnotherapy.

How is stage hypnosis different?

Stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy are completely different. Hypnotherapy is a healing modality designed to improve people's lives.

Stage hypnosis is a form of entertainment where people “appear” to be made to do things that most people would not want to do that appear crazy. The stage hypnotist very carefully picks an extremely suggestible person who is sometimes is even drunk and brings them up on stage, and in no time, has them barking like a dog or quacking like a duck. Once on stage, these people are put under a lot of pressure to put on a good show. There are a small percentage of people who will do whatever they are told to do and these people would bark like a dog even if they were not in a hypnotic trance. Other people are not very suggestible, are strong willed, hateto be embarrassed and would never bark like a dog or do anything similar no matter what kind of trance they were put under. Stage hypnotists know this and would never pick on of these people.

The first hypnotherapy class that I took 18 years ago was taught by a person who was both a hypnotherapist and a stage hypnotist. He explained to me exactly how people are chosen. They purposely pick people who are very open, suggestible, will do what they are told and are drunk. They are highly trained to at reading people's body language. They can also tell when people are very strong willed and don’t like to be embarrassed or look stupid and they will never pick these people.

Stage hypnosis creates a lot of misconceptions and confusion about what hypnotherapy really is.

I don't live in the area. Can hypnotherapy be done over the phone?

Yes, I work with many people over the phone.

What is the cost?

$150 - First session, $120 per subsequents sessions

The first session is 75-90 minutes.
Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes but can occasionally run a little longer to 70 minutes so please be sure to allow extra time.

Package Discounts Available

Purchase a Package of 5 sessions, get one free ($510)
Purchase a Package of 8 sessions, get two free ($795)

Call me today to make an appointment at my San Francisco Hypnotherapy office at
415-336-6128. Sessions can also be done on the phone or on Skype if you do not live in the area.

Cancellation Policy


San Francisco Hypnosis Clinic, 915 Irving Street, SF, CA 94122 (415) 336-6128




“True healers know that wellness is the order of the day, so they do not allow themselves, even for a moment, to see anything other than that. So, the power of the healer is in the power to influence the one who needs to be healed into a vibration that allows the healing that they are summoning.”
- Excerpted from a Abraham-Hicks workshop in San Francisco, CA on July 30th, 2005

The Mind is Powerful and There is No Limit to What You Can Do.

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